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Evolène - A sports via ferrata

The rock wall between Evolène and Vilaz is a challenge. Difficult stretches with some steep overhanging rock and a traverse set up for beginners. Exit points are located between the individual sections. Helmet, safety harness, hip belt and mountain shoes are essential. This equipment may be hired at sports outlets.

A sports via ferrata in the French style, with very steep, compact rock with a few slightly overhanging passages and an airy traverse. Short walk-in (marked); the via ferrata comprises several sections, and there is a possible exit point at the end of each section.

Piste du Mont Rouge

Magnificent views across to the Dent Blanche already from La Meina with a glimpse of the Matterhorn in the valley behind. And even more scenic wonders from the top mountain station as you spot the Weisshorn and Zinalrothorn – four striking giants over 4000 meters high. Panoramic pistes from start to finish, diverse landscapes and pistes that make their way down beautifully broad slopes with no narrow passages.

Cow fights in Valais (VS)

Cow fights take place as cows seek to establish their ranking in the herd. This natural behaviour takes place when the cattle are brought together for the Alpine summer. The strongest cow, known as the "queen", will lead the herd. In addition to these spontaneous clashes, there are also organised fights in the spring involving Eringer and Evolène cows to determine a regional and cantonal queen.

Cow fights take place throughout the region in which the Hérens breed has its home (Central Valais, Valle d'Aosta in Northern Italy).