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Portes du Soleil: from Planachaux to Morgins

Planachaux - Morgins

The Portes du Soleil is a well-known ski region that links two countries. The numerous ski runs and irresistible slopes delight winter sports fans. The region has earned its name "Gateway to the Sun" because of the scant amount of rainfall in the area. The hike begins in the Val de Morgins and goes over into the Val d'Illiez. The Dents du Midi form the backdrop to this magnificent region.

Pointe des Mossettes

A strenuous tour: biking in the border region of Portes du Soleil, with a view of Dents du Midi.

The Portes du Soleil are to be found in the border region between Switzerland and France. The region's breathtaking countryside is crowned by the Dents du Midi, alpine meadows and a host of mountain lakes. So, too - and somewhat unsurprisingly - is the rich network of mountain biking trails. They're almost endless, in fact. There are plenty of mountain railways available for bikers wishing the train to take the strain out of the challenging ascents.

Over many bridges into the Vallon de They

Cozy winter promenade along an icy river to a secret source in an idyllic mountain valley.