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Da Valentino

Situated only 50 metres from the Piazza Grande, slightly hidden in the angular old town, this rustic restaurant is ideal for a romantic evening meal or a relaxed evening in front of an open fireplace. The cuisine prepared by chef Valentino combines traditional, Mediterranean and local flavours in the finest manner, and is set off by modern and creative presentation. 14 GaultMillau points.

Delta Beach Lounge

Ideal for Apéritifs, musical evenings; very beautiful terrace with a view of the lake.

Restaurant SEVEN

An oasis for the senses; a place of meetings and of delight. The dishes on offer here depart from the expected and traditional, thanks to the imagination and creativity of Ivo Adam, the young chef who already has several world titles to his credit. The menu, which is based around the number 7, offers experimental, regional, exotic and creative dishes that allow you to discover new delights of the palate. 15 GaultMillau points.

Twenty-nine years young, a native of Biel and twice world champion chef: We are talking about Ivo Adam, who has opened a new restaurant at the Piazza in Ascona.