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Emmentaler cheese and Toblerone

Taste and tradition in the Bern and Emmental regions. They say that the residents of Bern live life at a slower pace than people elsewhere – what better for the visitor looking for fine food and wine? Pair a break in culture-filled Bern with a visit to its magical and richly traditional countryside – an unforgettable combination not to be missed.

The world-famous cheese with holes, and those chocolate triangles.

A glance at the culinary treasure-chest of the Schweizer Mittelland reveals a surprising number of world-famous specialities. Who doesn’t know the Swiss cheese with the big holes? Or the triangular chocolate with the unmistakable peaks? Emmentaler cheese and Toblerone chocolate from Bern are just two of the many gastronomic highlights of the region.

Recipe for “Rösti”

From farmers’ breakfast to national dish

The “Röstigraben” (Rösti ditch), which light-heartedly traces the difference in mentality between German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland, does not extend to the kitchen.

Maki sushi made with Emmental meatloaf

A different meat loaf from the Emmental!

A different meat loaf from the Emmental!