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Bella Vista Tour, No. 604

The “shock-free” family tour

The Bella Vista Tour is perfect for families and for days when the weather is likely to be changeable.

Churer Joch, No. 607

The training tour

The Churer Joch is the perfect tour for testing how fit you are. Am I any faster than I was last time? How fast was my pulse? Which gears was I in last time? All of these questions can be repeatedly put to the test on the climb up to the Churer Joch.

Alpine tour Lenzerheide

Challenging circular tour over rough terrain and across cow pastures, from mountain hut to mountain hut.

A fantastic ride through pine forests and from mountain hut to mountain hut, from one Alp to the next. This kind of tour has become a trademark experience on the Lenzerheide.

Snowliland Auarara

In Lenzerheide there are a myriad of fantastic offers for the entire family or only for mom and dad, and for the little ones there are loving child-care opportunities. The Lenzerheide Vacation Region has been a certified “Families Welcome” destination since 2001.