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Lötschen Valley cross-country ski center

The wild and romantic Lötschen Valley (Lötschental) nestles in an imposing mountain world between the Alps of Valais and Bern.

Highly entertaining tobogganing

The Lötschental valley nestles between an imposing mountain backdrop between the Berne and Valais Alps. And winter-wonderland images are yours for keeps on the run from the Lauchernalp to Wiler.

The sun-drenched Lauchernalp

Leisurely winter hike on the Lauchernalp

Small and fine. That would certainly be a fitting description of the Lauchernalp winter skiing area. Its location high above the Lötschental is fantastic: sun-drenched and endowed with spectacular views of the Bietschhorn and Lötschenlücke, it promises plenty of unadulterated winter fun.