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Swiss Snow Kids Village

The Swiss Snow Kids Village of St-Luc is at the starting point of the pistes in Tignousa. A funicular takes you there.

The 18th Century Windmills

A historical 18th century site where, by following the river, you will discover the nut press, the corn, rye, wheat and barley mills and the fulling mill.

The historic mills in St. Luc were renovated in 1986 and are now back in operation with their traditional charm.

Vantage Point in the Val d'Anniviers

One of the prettiest hikes is the mountain tour up the Bella Tola, 3025, the peak looming between Turtmann Valley and Val d'Anniviers. The hike lasts three hours from the mountain station of the funicular that brings one up to St-Luc - Tignousa, 2169 m.a.s.l. This spectacularly panoramic hike high above the Val d'Anniviers can be done by anyone who is reasonably in shape.

St. Luc seems to hang on by a hair to the steep flanks of Mt. Bella Tola. Deep gorges separate the individual terraces of the Val d'Anniviers. Because the villages here are so remote -- they can only be reached via a winding mountain road -- they have managed to maintain their special culture.