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Alp Dado – Burleun High Route

Experience the snow-covered winter landscape at 1850 meters and discover Alp Dado on foot.

Brief geological history of the Kisten Pass

On the track of the geological history of the earth. On this hike you can easily retrace the geological history of the Kisten Pass region.

The hiking tour from the mountain station of the Brigels-Crest Falla cable car to the Biferten Hut and the mountain lake behind Mt. Péz d'Artgas reveals impressive evidence of the region's geology. The handy guidebook leads you on this hiking tour to places where you can practically retrace the origins of the Alps and recognize their geological strata. In the lime stone strata near the Biferten Hut, even the untrained eye can discover fascinating fossilizations. On the return to Brigels, you will encounter once more Europe's highest primeval pine forest, the Uaul Scatlè.

Castials - the Castle Trail, official Trail Number 223

For bikers, who like to devote some time to exploring interesting local history.