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Village Museum Schlossweid

At the "Schlossweid" Estate, near the church, there is a Village Museum which found a home in the lovingly restored Stöckli building.

Each summer, there is a special summer exhibit at the Village Museum.

Trekking with goats

Trekking like in Giessenpeter’s time: the tame goats carry the luggage and accompany the trek with loud bleating and joyful jumps.

Planet Trail Ringgenberg-Goldswil

All about the sun, earth and moon.

The Planet Trail Ringgenberg-Goldswil describes our relationship to the solar system in easily understandable language.

Burgseewli natural bathing beach

Swimming and snorkelling among ducks and water-lilies. At the lakeside there is the children's adventure paddling pool.

Swimming and snorkelling among ducks and water-lilies in clean water in a nature reserve.