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A world-class city filled with nature’s best flavours

From down-to-earth cuisine up to GaultMillau heaven.

In Lucerne and Schwyz and all around Lake Lucerne, a passion for producing quality ingredients and transforming them into flavourful dishes has made the region a gourmet’s paradise.

The fertile countryside and award-winning chefs are a perfect combination.

The area around fertile Lake Lucerne is where the classic Älplermagronen (baked macaroni with potatoes) and many other regional specialities were first made. The creative cooks of Central Switzerland have turned this little-known gem into a world-class gastronomic destination. In the city of Lucerne alone, the concentration of top chefs is striking: 16 restaurants have 250 Gault- Millau points among them. More than two dozen other wellregarded restaurants are scattered throughout the region.

‘Chügelipastete’ (meat pie)

Historic speciality of the Lucerne guilds.

Historic speciality of the Lucerne guilds.