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Sledding in the Safien Valley

In the quiet Safien Valley, nature and hiking enthusiasts still pull their own sled. After a one-hour ascent to Imschlacht, Maiensäss (“Summer alp”) settlement, you are rewarded by an enjoyable descent.

Safien Heritage Museum, Camana

Located at 1766 m, surrounded by ancient Walser houses, the building itself and its furnishings are the focus for this museum in the Camanaboda region, one of the highest settlements in the Safien valley to be inhabited all year round. The themes presented in this unusual museum include weaving and crochet work based on a fully-functioning loom, etching Easter eggs, emigration and the craft of shoe-making (guided tours also available).

Spensa – shop for products from the Safien valley

The typical scattered settlements here are often off the main road, making it difficult to sell local produce from the farm. That is why in 2007 the Spensa 2007 association opened up a sales and marketing centre in a centrally located farm building, where these high-quality food products can be promoted to a wider public. Cakes, syrup, honey, sausage, eggs and cheese - all guaranteed entirely natural.