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Lüsch Älpli Bar, 1950m

The meeting point for snow sportspersons and sun worshipers in the heart of the snow sports region.

The Inn on the Glas Pass

There is a road that connects Thusis to the small lake on the Glas Pass. In the middle of a flower-filled meadow there lies the cozy Mountain Hotel Beverin, an ideal place for those seeking to commune with nature in remote solitude. The place is also ideal for relaxing vacations and as a starting point for hiking tours with fabulous vistas.

For many centuries the 1880-meter-high Glas Pass between Heinzenberg and Piz Beverin was the most important connection between Thusis in the Domleschg Valley and the remote Safien Valley.

Hiking Tour to the Pascumin Mountain Lake

Day tour with bathing opportunities in mountain lakes: Obertschappina - Old Glassblowers Trail (Glaserweg) – Glass Pass - erstwhile Lüsch Lake (Lüschsee) – Lüsch Alp – Bischol Pass / Bischol Lake (Bischolsee) – Pascuminsee (Pascumin Lake) - Oberrascheins - Oberurmein - Urmein - Flerden