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Zyt Tower is one of nine towers that are part of the town fortifications of Lucerne. Two giants carry the face of its time-honored clock on its façade. There are nine more historic tower clocks inside the tower.

Historic day in honor of the watchmaking industry

Swiss watches are much more than a luxury item. This becomes obvious to all who travel to the Neuenburg Jura, to La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle on the historic day in honor of the watchmaking industry. They gain insight into the secrets of the art of watchmaking.

It's more than a question of time

Olivier Piguet introduces clock lovers to the art of clock making in his studio, the Centre d’initiation de l’horlogerie, in Le Sentier. He tells you a lot about the history and the craftsmanship of clocks. He teaches up to two participants in one- to two-day courses, how clocks are taken apart, cleaned, oiled and put together again. Lunch is prepared in his house "Le Petit Paradis" by the clock master himself, and is included in the price of the course.