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Drachenloch Museum

The main focal points of the exhibition are the finds from the Drachenloch caves, such as the Stone Age cave-bear's bones, and documents dating from the period of excavation from 1917–1923. The talented artist Toni Nigg (1908–2000) was present during the excavations, and has lovingly made the museum into a real gem, also including an overview of local geology. Visit by arrangement only.

Walser Settlement St. Martin in the Calfeisental Valley

In the early 14th Century, the free Walsers started to settle in the Calfeisen Valley. The church of St. Martin was first documented in 1432.

The free Walsers settled in the Calfeisen Valley as early as the 14th Century. The church of St. Martin was first mentioned in the annals of 1432.