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Brünig Park

Want to feel like a gangster, hero or agent for once? Well you can inside the unique atmosphere of the “Brünig Indoor” Swiss shooting sports center.

Brünig Safari

With the help of Lix, the little animal naturalist, the train journey over the Brünig Pass turns into a safari. Between Giswil and Meiringen there are many wild animals hiding along the way – real animals and wooden animals.

Jänzi Panorama Trail

The fairytale winter landscape of Glaubenberg – Langis offers visitors a unique setting. Leave the daily grind behind and soak up the sun on this wonderful snowshoe tour.

Paddling Fun on the Canoe Route on Lake Lucerne

Enjoy dipping your paddle in blue Lake Lucerne and feel the fresh lake air in your face. The Canoe Trail Lake Lucerne delights experienced canoeists and novices alike. This offer guarantees adventure and relaxation.