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Unlike the rest of the Emmental, the Räbloch was still covered in ice during the last Ice Age. Nowadays visitors can enjoy a memorable natural spectacle here.

Ämmitaler Ruschtig: quality

Ämmitaler Ruschtig ("Emmentaler Rustic") is the name of a quality label awarded to the finest foodstuffs from the Emmental. The region may be best known for the cheese with the characteristic holes, but the label is also given to outstanding meat, vegetables, berries, bread and other products. From old favourites to rediscovered delicacies, all are lovingly made with the best ingredients.

Jeremias Gotthelf Centre

Jeremias Gotthelf was the pen name of a pastor and novelist in the Emmental whose depictions of 19th-century country life made him one of Switzerland’s best-loved writers. In his carefully restored former home in Lützelflüh, the Gotthelf Centre, which opened in August 2012, beautifully evokes the period.