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Close to heaven in the Val Müstair

Panoramic winter hike on the solitary heights in the Val Müstair to a picture-book mountain village.

Müstair nature trail

Easy circular walk around Müstair. Route: Plazzöl - Waterfall - Guad - Rombach - Döss - Ruinatscha. Subjects like the vegetation by the waterfall, the functions of the irrigation channel, more life in the river and the red wood ant are addressed on the walk.

Biosfera Val Müstair

The Müstair valley is one of Switzerland's most beautiful mountain valleys – and is home to the worldwide unique biosphere reserve in the Romansh language region.

The Val Müstair is a little-known mountain valley south of the Ofen Pass, designated as a regional nature reserve of national importance. Together with the Swiss National Park, it forms the Biosfera Val Müstair Parc Naziunal, Switzerland's first UNESCO biosphere reserve in the high Alpine region.

Swiss Snow Kids Village Minschuns

The Minschuns Snow Park provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere within a compact area where the children can safely have fun while taking their first steps on skis.