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Fairytale Trail Val Bever

The fairytale trail from Bever (1710m) to Spinas (1815m) is situated along the walking trail on the left side of the valley (walking time 1 hour). There are six stations which present the individual fairytales in a pictorial manner. The fairytales were written by local women, the sculptures fashioned by local artists. There is an illustrated book to accompany the stories of the fairytale trail.

It is no coincidence that the Fairytale Trail leads from Bever (1,710 meters) to Spinas (1,815 meters) in the Bever Valley. Here, the fairytale tradition goes back to the 18th century.

Corviglia Snowpark

Ready to style? Then let’s begin: the snow park at Corviglia offers freestylers what they are looking for.

Baked vegetable custard with crispy bacon

Wedding soup from the Engadine as a flan!