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Evolène - A sports via ferrata

The rock wall between Evolène and Vilaz is a challenge. Difficult stretches with some steep overhanging rock and a traverse set up for beginners. Exit points are located between the individual sections. Helmet, safety harness, hip belt and mountain shoes are essential. This equipment may be hired at sports outlets.

A sports via ferrata in the French style, with very steep, compact rock with a few slightly overhanging passages and an airy traverse. Short walk-in (marked); the via ferrata comprises several sections, and there is a possible exit point at the end of each section.

Arolla Glacier Trail

This 14 km long walk to the Arolla glacier gives an insight into the geology and geomorphology of the Alps. You should allow about 7 hours' walking time for this challenging circular walk, which climbs 870 metres from Arolla to the "Bas Glacier d’Arolla" and the "Haut Glacier d’Arolla".

Nature trail from Nax to Eison

On this 15 km long educational trail, you cross bubbling streams, follow the course of three "suonen" ("bisses", ancient water courses) and gain an insight into the typical way of building barns, sawmills and mountain huts in this region. An illustrated guide describes the fauna, flora and buildings you'll see along the trail. Each thing to look at along the way is marked with a number to match the description.