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Golf in the Basel region

On the border of Switzerland, the city of Basel forms part of the Switzerland, Germany, France triangle and meeting place for different cultures and history – as well as modern architecture and art today.

Les Gareçons

Fantastic terrace with lounge area. International cuisine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for singles, couples or groups. Trendy interior decor.

Wirz Obstbau und Brennerei

Top quality, high value natural products, longtime experience, and an acute sense for subtle aromas are what it takes to produce the finest noble brandies. With more then 20 shapes of bottle, our products make ideal gifts for every taste and occasion.

Sweet Basel

As well as its own Basel Nougat, this shop sells a range of traditional and old-fashioned sweets such as the popular Mässmögge and the imaginative rocks, small hard candy disks with elaborate patterns made from joining different colours of sugar.