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Golf in the Basel region

On the border of Switzerland, the city of Basel forms part of the Switzerland, Germany, France triangle and meeting place for different cultures and history – as well as modern architecture and art today.

Les Gareçons

Fantastic terrace with lounge area. International cuisine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for singles, couples or groups. Trendy interior decor.

Sissacher Fluh

Pleasurable tour from the historic Zähringer town of Rheinfelden to the Sissacher Fluh.

Quiet forests, idyllic villages and vantage points with stunning views define the bike tour through the Aargau and Jura. The historic highlight is the Zähringer town of Rheinfelden, which boasts an intact Old Town that can't wait to be explored. Beginners will derive as much pleasure from this circuit through North-West Switzerland as experienced bikers do.

Lange Erlen Animal Park

Along the river Lange Erlen, Basel offers its inhabitants and its guests a large recreational area with walking paths, picnic facilities, restaurant and the animal park Lange Erlen. The main attraction are the ten species of stags, which carried the park's fame far beyond the Basel's borders.

Founded in 1871, the Lange Erlen Animal Park is a popular destination for families.