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Washing Gold on the Simplon

Thirty-three kilograms of gold were found one hundred years ago in Zwischbergental, a beautiful, pristine Valaisian valley. Equipped with boots, shovels, and pans, prospectors still find gold dust and nuggets.


Riding uphill from Brig to the Ross Forest and on ultra-technical trails down into the valley

It was on the Simplon Pass, where once upon a time Napoleon and his army traveled south, only to suffer a crushing defeat - life is very peaceful today.

Arnold Bakery

The bakery has a tradition that dates back over 100 years and offers specialities based on original 4th generation recipes, e.g. Simpiler rye bread made from sour dough, and products such as twisted bread. Christmas time is sweetened up with Panettone, while over the summer the bakery is well worth a visit for its homemade ice cream.