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Cabane de Susanfe CAS

On the multi-day circular hiking tour around the Dents du Midi, (2102 meters), on the western flank of the Col (Pass) that bears the same name, the crossing from Salvan (Susanfe Lake) to Val d'Illiez (Champéry).

Circle the Dents-du-Midi in three days.

Spectacular mountain walk from Vérossaz, La Doey, once round the Dents-du-Midi.

The teeth of the Dents-du-Midi stand proud and are visible from practically the whole of western Switzerland. It is hardly surprising that the circling of these peaks is one of the most favourite tours lasting several days in western Switzerland.

The Dents Blanches Tour

The Dents Blanches ("White Teeth") are part of the line of mountains that burst from the stratum around the Illiez valley along with the Dents-du-Midi.

Walking among the sweet alpine flowers with their wild beauty, surrounded by such steep calcareous slopes, never ceases to surprise ramblers and fills them with a sense of wonder.