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Eggiwil / Emmental

Eggiwil: Schweiz

Eggiwil: Schweiz

Heidbühl: Blapbach - Trubschachen

Heidbühl: Blapbach - Trubschachen

Eggiwil: Emmental - Schweiz

Eggiwil: Emmental - Schweiz

The alphorn is the Swiss national instrument and symbol of dairy farming. The alphorn is crooked like a fir grown on a hillside it resembles. The wooden mouthpiece facilitates the generation of natural sounds, which are touching and heart-warming. Since 1910, the Swiss Yodeling Association has promoted the alphorn tradition in courses.

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A bulky tree trunk lies on the Bachmann family’s workbench. You would hardly believe that one day expert musicians would be able to coax beautiful tones from this piece of timber. But the transformation begins as the alphorn makers Walter and Hansruedi Bachmann start shaving off wood, layer by layer. With lathes and planes they shape and polish the log until it has the perfect curve of an alphorn. Only then do they hollow out the interior, working for many slow, painstaking hours until the floor is covered with wood shavings. Special guided tours provide an insight into the alphorn makers' art. At the end, visitors can even try blowing a freshly made alphorn themselves.

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