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The historic little town of Moudon lies in privileged position at the heart of stunning landscapes, halfway between the Jorat-Plateau and Broye-Tal valley. And surely nothing could be more attractive than the picturesque alleyways of this delightful spot.

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As former capital of Savoyard-Vaud, Moudon is proud of its wealth of historic buildings. As prime example of medieval architecture, the town is one of the best preserved throughout the canton – with the upper-town neighbourhood even classified as a townscape of national importance. Today, with its particularly high standard of living and growing population, Moudon is experiencing great urban development; with various arts and crafts markets, active club life and a rich and varied cultural season continuing to grow and prosper as years go by.


The perfect place to hike and discover; with thematic tours shedding light on the history of this interesting town for the curious, and diverse round hiking paths and cycling routes to warm the hearts of hikers, nature lovers and the sportive alike.


- Saint-Étienne church: The 13th century Gothic building is home to oldest organ in the canton Vaud.
- Historic round path: An attractive stroll along the streets of the Old Town and chance to discover the beauty of some of the nicest Moudon buildings at your own pace.
- Musée du Vieux-Moudon: The museum houses an impressive collection illustrating Moudon history within a beautifully restored 19th century interior.

Top Events

-Les Brandons: The craziest “Fasnacht“ carnival procession with floats and band music.
- Folk Music Festival: Both lovers of traditional as well as popular folk music get their fill at the Festival des Musiques Populaires.

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