Munot Fortress and Old Town


Schaffhausen: Stimmerstrasse

Schaffhausen: Stimmerstrasse

Schaffhausen: Vordergasse

Schaffhausen: Vordergasse

Schaffhausen: Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

Schaffhausen: Schönbühl Essen Tagungen Fest

An old city with 171 bay windows and artistically painted facades, a majestic fortress above the town, with a guard who has been ensuring law and order since 1377. A visit to the city of Schaffhausen is like a journey through time.

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The city of Schaffhausen came into being at the location where trading ships had to set anchor because the Rhine Falls made it impossible to travel further. And if it weren't for modern people, shops and electric light in the narrow streets of the Old Town, one might imagine having been transported back to those times. Many of the town houses with the richly painted facades and the innumerable bay windows were built in the Renaissance period.

The city's landmark, the Munot, towers high above the town. The ring-shaped fortress was built in the 16th century. The position of the guard is even older than the fortress itself. The list of guards dates back to the year 1377, and it is nearly complete.

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