Flüeli-Ranft - Where Brother Klaus Lived


Flüeli: Jugendstil-Hotel Paxmontana, Sarner See

Flüeli: Jugendstil-Hotel Paxmontana, Sarner See

Niklaus von Flüe lived from 1417 until 1487, first as a farmer and councilman, then as a hermit in the Ranft Ravine. The mystic and peacemaker, who was canonized in 1947, is Switzerland's national saint and the patron of numerous churches.

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Flüeli-Ranft lies at the entrance of Grosses Melchtal (Great Melch Valley) in Canton Obwalden and is known far beyond the cantonal borders due to the fame of Saint Niklaus von Flüe. The house of his birth and the residence of Brother Klaus (as he called himself when he became a hermit) are located here. His hermit's cell in the Ranft Ravine is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Switzerland. It was here that Brother Klaus spent the last 19 years of his life as a respected political adviser and spiritual counselor.

The hiking trail from the house of his birth to the grave of Brother Klaus has been designed as a visionary and meditative path. Flüeli-Ranft is also an ideal starting point for hiking and biking tours.

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