Pleureuses in Romont (FR)


Good Friday

The time: the afternoon of Good Friday; the place: the Church of Romont. The ceremony begins with a reading from the Bible of the Passion of Christ. When the funeral procession is mentioned, the congregation begins its long procession through the streets of the upper town.

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The mourners, clothed and veiled in black, slowly follow the Virgin Mary, portrayed by a young girl; she walks behind the large cross carried by a penitent wearing a black hood. On scarlet cushions, the mourners carry the symbols of the Passion: a crown of thorns, a whip, nails, a hammer, tongs, and St. Veronica's shroud.

During this time, the town resounds with liturgical chants and prayers, spoken by the entire congregation. This custom dates back to the fifteenth century when the Carrying of the Cross was celebrated as a live representation of the Passion of Christ and as a ceremony of penitence.

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