Distillery Etter


Founded in 1870, the Etter Distillery produces the world famous Zug cherry and fruit spirits. It is a captivating and fascinating experience to take a look behind the scenes.

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The recipes for Etter Kirsch and the other high-quality fruit spirits from this establishment are all about nature in its pure form. The cherries used to make Etter Kirsch are all grown in Switzerland and the company takes pride in only using Swiss produce. Etter supports Swiss agriculture with a philosophy of commitment to the nation and its relationship with it and so all the fruit used is grown by Swiss farmers who are fairly reimbursed for their produce. The amazing variety of flavours is what intrigues the Etter family most about its Kirsch. And because they want to take other gourmets on this journey with them, you are warmly welcome to visit the company headquarters.


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