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Kurpark Baden

Kurpark Baden

Baden AG: Altstadt

Baden AG: Altstadt

In the beginning was water. No water, no Aquae Helveticae, no Baden. In the 2000-year history of Baden, water has been omnipresent and has always heralded the start of a new era.

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This tour takes you through the gorge at Baden which was formed by the waters of the Limmat over thousands of years. No matter whether it appears as a spring or local stream, or a well or a bathhouse, or whether the Limmat serves as a traffic artery or whether the river is crossed by bridges, water can be either a blessing or a curse. Just as you can sample wine, beer and thermal water, so you can also sample the waters of Baden. One highlight of your tour is a visit to one of the piers of the Hochbrücke, which connects Baden and Wettingen, and which you may view from the inside.

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