Scherzligen Church


Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

The Romanesque Scherzligen Church is set on the banks of the Aare where the river flows out of Lake Thun. The church is located adjacent to Schadau Park with Schadau Castle. 2012 marks the church’s 1,250th anniversary.

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This simple church is a popular wedding venue. The nave with its Romanesque walls hugs the excessively constructed Gothic choir, which almost seems to supplant the tower from an earlier period. This gradation lends an impressive note to the building’s construction. The church is one of the twelve "Millennial Lake Thun Churches". An earlier church built on the site is mentioned in an 8th-century document. Until the Reformation, it was a pilgrimage church for Marian devotion. The interior is decorated with wall paintings of national importance from the 13th to the 16th centuries.


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