Town Hall and Town Hall Square


Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

The Town Hall Square is the historic centre of the city of Thun and is named after the town hall built in 1500. This is one of the historic buildings surrounding the square and gives it its historic charm.

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In the past as now, the Thun Town Hall Square is the heart of many celebrations ranging from the Thunfest and the Old Town concerts to that of the annual Fulehung jester at the Ausschiesset festival. The square is surrounded by various historic buildings:
- The 15th-century town hall
- The oldest brick house in the city of Thun (now the Hotel Rathaus) dating from the 14th century
- The Burgerhaus Thun, a late-baroque building dating from the 18th century
- The former Platzschulhaus dating from the 18th century
- Two former guild houses (now the Hotel Metzgern and Hotel Krone)


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