City Church / St. Sebastian’s Chapel


Baden Altstadt

Baden Altstadt

Nussbaumen / Obersiggenthal / Schweiz

Nussbaumen / Obersiggenthal / Schweiz

The Catholic parish church, also known as the City Church, was built on the foundations of an earlier church that was already in existence around the year 850. The building was then gradually extended until it reached its current dimensions before 1500.

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After the 17th century, most of the refurbishing took place in the interior of the church. The painting of the "Assumption of Mary" at the high altar is a major Baroque masterpiece by Lucerne painter Renward Forer. The paintings of the prophets on the side walls of the centre aisle date from the Baroque period from 1696 to 1698. In 1813/14 and 1829, the stucco ceilings, altars, confessionals, pews and pulpit were refurbished in classic style. St. Sebastian’s Chapel was built from the end of the 15th to the beginning of the 16th century. The bone crypt is housed in the basement and the chapel forms part of the old city wall. The portion of the city wall which is visible at this point has been preserved as a single unit.


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