Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

Thun - Schleuniger Switzerland

This idyllic location right by the River Aare is home to the Waisenhaus, where guests can enjoy the authentic cuisine of central Italy. The beautiful historic building was renovated in the mid 1990s with the original architectural language being respected.

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The Ristorante Waisenhaus in the heart of the city of Thun serves the simple, traditional cuisine of central Italy accompanied by wines from the leading producers in the most famous wine-growing areas – from north to south. In 1996, the Ristorante was renovated true to style – a historical witness of extraordinary beauty. The spatial subdivision (bar, restaurant, conservatory, open wine bar), the uncomplicated furnishings, loving attention to detail and paintings by Thun artists create a welcoming, cosy atmosphere which tempts you to linger. Uniquely idyllic are the garden with chestnut trees in front of the building and the terrace, adjacent to the River Aare.


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