Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein

The city of Bischofszell lies on a terrace presiding over the confluence of the Sitter and Thur Rivers. The city won the Wakker Prize in 1987. Walks and extensive hiking tours that start in Bischofszell let visitors explore and enjoy the scenic riverine landscape.

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The Industrial Age found an early foothold in Bischofszell. Today the food and beverage industry predominates where linen used to be produced.

The baroque Old Town beckons with sights worth seeing, such as the town hall which was built between 1747–1750 (and boasts rich Rococo decor), or the church of St. Pelagius, dating to the 14th century. The Thur Bridge, built in 1487, is one of the most important Late Medieval bridges in Switzerland. In the 9th century, Bischofszell received the name "Episcopalicella", based on the fact that it was founded by Bishop Salomo. Translated the name means "des Bischofs Zelle", or Bishop's Cell. Bischofszell Castle was the bishop's castle, and dates back to the 13th century.

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