Goldau Nature Park and Zoo


What was in 1806 a dramatic and catastrophic event for humans, is today a blessing for endangered animal species: the landslide of Goldau. In the area where the landslide took place, the Goldau Nature Park and Zoo offers non-domesticated animals a species-appropriate home in an impressive landscape.

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It happened on September 2, 1806. Around 40 million cubic meters of rock thundered down from the Rossberg Mountain in Schwyz, destroying three villages and killing 457 people. Today around 100 species of wild and non-domesticated animals live in the area of the landslide, in the 34-hectare Goldau Nature Park and Zoo. The zoo has various species of deer and moufflon sheep in a large free-range area, and wolves, lynxes, wild boar and wild cats in large enclosures.

Rare animals, such as the Syrian brown bear, the European bison or birds such as the hermit ibis and the bearded vulture are merrily multiplying in the zoo's Conservation Breeding Programs. Guided tours, exhibitions and workshops impart knowledge about the animals and their habitats.

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