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On a scale of 1:4, steam locomotives drive through Swiss Vapeur Parc, a 17,000 square meter park with model buildings. The beautiful park, which is located near the shores of Lake Geneva and the mouth of the river Rhône, attracts model railway fans from all over Europe.

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Swiss Vapeur Parc is a model railway park that was created in 120,000 man-hours. It has a 1,700 meter long main track, 300 meters of subsidiary tracks and 1,200 meters of footpaths. The 16 locomotives and railcars ride on the tracks, eight of them with steam power. In the lovingly and meticulously designed miniature Switzerland, 62 signals regulate train traffic, leading it across railroad crossings and past intricate models of sights such as Aigle Castle, the church of Saanen, the market halls of Neuenburg and bridges, viaducts and tunnels.

An international steam locomotive festival takes place every year in Swiss Vapeur Parc that attracts about 100 engine drivers from all over Europe.

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