Legionary’s Trail – Roman Adventure Park


On the Legionary’s Trail the visitors experience the fascinating history of the only Roman legionary camp in Switzerland.

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In Vindonissa, 6,000 legionaries once prepared for their missions. Today, you playfully see, hear and feel the 2000-year footsteps of a long-ago life of legionaries and officers.

Ten remarkable sites are your invitation to travel back in time: to the sunken officer’s kitchen with pictures of a lavish festive meal and conversations to listen to, for example, the ruins of the Roman thermal bath that comes to life with light and scents, or the only still functional Roman water main north of the Alps. Many of the locations cannot be seen from the outside and are exclusively accessible for the guests of the Legionary’s Trail in the glow of modern presentation.

For families and adults there are some exiting games and tours and events available. Every Sunday a host of activities will be staged in the Roman workshop Fabrica. Visitors may choose to bake bread and learn about Roman craftsmanship.

If you stay overnight in the Roman camp you will experience a night in the life of a legionary. If you feel adventurous you can take part in an exciting treasure hunt on the water castle trail from von Schlossfoxtrail.

Legionary’s Trail Vindonissa – where Roman history fills all your senses.


Rooms for rent: yes
Capacity: up to 350 persons (drinks and snacks)
Catering facilities: yes
Additional information: Localities Legionary’s Trail

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