Muotathal’s Weatherman Hiking Trail


Hinterthal: Muotathal

Hinterthal: Muotathal

The Weatherman Hiking Trail in the Muotathal Valley shows at 14 stations how, based on the signs of nature, weather rules are made to predict sun, wind, and rain.

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Weatherman hiking is about enjoying the company of fellow hikers, observing nature and returning home enriched by a wonderful experience. Two different routes are available: the short route of about one hour, and the longer, two-hour route which offers the opportunity for a refreshing drink at the mountain pub “Guggeli-Besenbeiz”.

The inventors of the Weatherman Hiking Trail, the “Wetterschmöcker” (Weather Tasters/Forecasters) of Central Switzerland, are known beyond the country’s borders. Although they are sometimes ridiculed, their work should be taken seriously: With a success rate of up to 80%, their predictions are much better than random guesses.

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