Hasenliebe fairytale path


The Alp Richen hike by Bellwald permits both big and small sinking into an enchanting fairytale world. And at 9 fairytale stations, visitors are informed in child-friendly manner, just how important it is to “love thy neighbor.”

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The exciting tale narrates the story of the rabbit Bella, who visits Mr. Waldi rabbit in the woods. And by each of the 9 woodland stations, Mr. Waldi introduces his girlfriend to the environment, its nature and what one can do there. The animal and plant world are also viewed at the informative stations. A house in the treetops invites one to rest a while and reflect – with additional stations being Bella’s boat by the Fleschensee lake, a cable car ride or the garden of sounds. The hike takes roughly 2 hours and can also be made with a pram.

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