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���Malbi Park���, located in the heart of Malbun, is an attraction for children during winter. Skiing is an adventure for the little ones, who are egged on by the marmot mascot ���Malbi���.

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Children will find everything they need for snow fun on a snow-covered area of 3,600 square meters. The carousel ���Malbi Rondo��� is just the right thing for the first attempts at standing on skis. After a couple of rounds, it is time for the first independent skiing attempts. The center of the new children���s park is the ���Malbi Day Nursery���.


Exact location / area: Malbun (1,600 m.a.s.l.)
Accessibility: Mountain railway, post bus / bus, car, on foot
Infrastructure: Magic carpet / conveyor belt, Pinocchio lift / lift for beginners, snow carousel, heated room with a play area, malbi-hort daycare with option to eat
Children’s ski racing: Yes
3,600 m²
Min. age:
From 3 years
Supervision by children’s ski instructors:
Own use without supervision:
Yes, free of charge
Try-out lessons:
No answer
Restaurant with view of the kids’ snow playground:

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