Easter surprises at the Naturama


From Good Friday to Easter Monday rabbits are on the run in Naturama. Chicks can be seen hatching, rabbits stroked and you can also hunt for Easter eggs. Not forgetting that there’s plenty to learn about chickens, rabbits and eggs as well.

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The eight rabbits at home in Naturama over Easter are already tame and no longer very shy. Small chicks can also be held - providing you’re very gentle. Fertile eggs ready to hatch are seen in incubators and, with a little patience, you might even see one hatch. Baby chicks have to work hard to break free from the eggshell; but once out and having recuperated, they are put together with slightly older chicks - in a spacious place with a heat lamp, plenty to peck at and room to retreat from the limelight.

Naturma also shows how a suitable rabbit run for a whole rabbit family should look like - and which criteria should be fulfilled for the welfare of the furry friends.

The Easter Pass is yet another attraction. With this you have to find the marked places and correctly answer the questions posed. All efforts are then rewarded with a sweet surprise.


For further information about Easter offers at the Naturama visit: naturama.ch

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