Fairies' Grotto and underground waterfall


Grotte aux Fees

Grotte aux Fees

Fairies' Grotto, St-Maurice

Fairies' Grotto, St-Maurice

North of St. Maurice and the abbey, high above the castle at the Rhone narrows, the Fairies' Grotto has carved its way more than half a kilometre into the mountain. At the end of their walk, visitors will find a small subterranean lake and a 50 metre-high waterfall.

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The site has been a tourist attraction since its discovery in 1863. The grotto was carved into the stone by the water and houses several features: first of all there is the Fairies' Fountain, where legend has it that anyone who dips their left hand into the fountain will be granted a wish.

After 63 bends in the illuminated tunnel and 500-meter-long passage on this cave hike - you come across a small lake and a 50-meter-high waterfall. And it could well be that having reached the end of the grotto, you are accompanied safely back to the exit by tiny fairies.

The Fairies' Grotto was made accessible to the public as long ago as 1863. It was later used by the Swiss Army as a connecting tunnel between the forts of Cindey and Scex.


Opening times: Open daily from mid-March to mid-November

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