Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools

180 Swiss Ski and Snowboard Schools provide comprehensive professional snow-sport instruction at various skill levels all throughout Switzerland.

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Every Swiss Ski and Snowboard School offers trained snow-sport instructors, who impart their skills with great dedication. Here, the focus is on the guest, who can experience unique lessons in the Swiss mountains.

Swiss Snow Kids Village

In the Swiss Snow Kids Village, children learn with Snowli the mascot and make their first attempts on the slopes with specially trained kids' instructors. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed, with plenty of fun and variety.
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Swiss Snow League

In every school , a uniform course programme, the Swiss Snow League, is offered for the various types of equipment and skill levels. The snow-sport instructors place an emphasis on quality in snow sport and continual further development.
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Winter TV commercial

Switzerland is highly prized not just for its magnificent scenery, but also for its attractive ski instructors, as our TV commercial proves.
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Recover from our ski instructors

After a strenuous day with our ski and snowboard instructors, you’ll look forward to taking the weight off your feet. Possibly to enjoy a soothing herb massage. The most attractive offers from our wellness hotels are listed here.
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Where ski instructors meet

Switzerland's most popular après-ski locations for a great night out with your ski instructor.
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