Absinthe Museum

The Absinthe Museum in Môtiers in the Val de Travers in the Canton of Neuchâtel has opened its doors. The museum offers an insight into the eventful history of the “green fairy” and its secrets.

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Ironically enough, the museum is located on the premises of the former district court, the very place where illegal absinth distillers were once brought to justice.

Absinthe, the high-proof spirit with an aniseed flavour, has been produced in the Canton of Neuchâtel since the 18th century. In 1910, however, the “fée verte” was outlawed for the sake of public health. Only since 2005 has it been legal to produce and sell the spirit.

Insight into an eventful history
Visitors can find out all about the “green fairy” at the three-storey museum, which includes antique objects from the Belle Époque, poetry, information about the prohibition and the importance of absinthe to the local economy and around the world.

But the museum also has something for visitors to discover with their senses of touch and smell: more than 1,200 plants including the main herbs used as ingredients for the high-proof spirit. There is also a bar where visitors can taste 15 products from the region.

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