Walk on the traks of the past


A boucle of 1.5km, marked out with beautiful pannels illustrated by the papercuttings of Louis Saugy and old postcards, propose to you a return in the past in the hart of the beautiful village of Rougemont.

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It's in the middle of the XIX century, in the region of the Pays-d'Enhaut, that this craft art was born. Johann-Jakob Hauswirth (1809-1871) and Louis Saugy (1871-1953) were the two big masters. Der Postbote von Rougemont, Louis Saugy, der ein begabter Zeichner und Beobachter war, verkaufte mit 40 Jahren seine ersten Schnitte und wird schnell berühmt. Internationale Berühmtheiten besuchten ihn damals zu Hause in Rougemont. Sein Talent zeigt sich in lebensvollen und boshaften Kompositionen, die wahre Chroniken des Lebens im Pays d’Enhaut sind. Viele der Werke schmücken heute noch Häuser oder sind in den Händen erfahrener Sammler. Postman in Rougemont, Louis Saugy, clever for drawing and observation, sells his first papercutting at 40 years old and becomes famous quickly ; he recieves at home international celebrities. His talent bursts in some compositions full with life who are real chronics of the Pays-d'Enhaut. Plenty of his masterpieces brightens up our chalets or are in hand of advised collectors. The theme path offers French information signs, however guests receive brochures in English or German on request.

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