Boéchet – désalpe à la jurassienne

Les Bois: Golf-Club

Les Bois: Golf-Club

The only cattle descent in Canton Jura gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the inner life of the local population and to experience their original and lively traditions up close and personal.

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Always on the first Saturday in October, the cows and their escorts march from their summer quarter, the Combe de la Biche, 10 kilometers to Boéchet. There a big festival awaits them: fanfare trumpeters, farming women in their most beautiful local costumes, horse carriages and tractors accompany the cows on their procession through the village.

A rich entertainment program never fails to please the guests. It pays homage to the culinary delights that have always been relished here: You will see how cheese is produced over a wood fire. There is a traditional pig roast, and wine tastings, grilled sausages, fried fish (caught fresh in the lake) and sauerkraut for supper. If you join the fun and dance to the rhythms of the lively folklore band till late at night, you will easily burn off the calories from the hearty fare. And almost become part of the likeable and highly original local population who are at home in the Jura Hills.

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