Tüfels Chäller – primeval forest and playground


Nussbaumen / Obersiggenthal / Schweiz

Nussbaumen / Obersiggenthal / Schweiz

Very close to the former Oberstadt station there is a wooden staircase that leads to a special world, far away and yet so close to civilization.

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The Tüfels Chäller nature reserve and the other Baden forests cover nearly 56 percent of the municipal district. Although the devil has not been seen in recent years, the reserve area, unused since 1999, provides the perfect environment in which to either play or to stop and stare. The Tüfels Chäller is a rocky area with obelisks, caves, crevices and ravines. A diverse mosaic of plant communities has developed with typical plants and magnificent large trees. Signs provide information about the origin of this mysterious place.


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