"Those were the days" city tour


Gripping stories set in the Old Town of Baden bring the Middle Ages to life. The traces of this time are still found today in idioms, proverbs and names.

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All three themes of this tour lead through the lower and upper Old Town. With the theme “everyday life in the streets and bars", we show how greatly religion, disease and one’s occupation impacted on life in the Middle Ages and how they influence our language even now. The theme "crafts – honourable and dishonourable" explains who could be a craftsperson, who could be a trader, and which occupations were dishonourable and why. Finally, the theme "witches, murderers, prostitutes and arsonists" includes a visit to the city tower. On the basis of terrifying texts from the Baden "books of the dead" you will learn about penal practices in bygone times and where these were implemented in Baden.

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