Thurauen nature centre


The Thurauen, located between Eggrank and the mouth of the Thur, is the largest floodplain of the Swiss Plateau. However, it is not size alone that makes this area unique, but also the variety and revitalisation of the flora and fauna.

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The Thurauen is home to over 50 species of birds and butterflies and is the most important spawning area for the tree frog and the jumping frog, while a number of beaver families also live there.

Notable plants there include the imposing white willow, the fringed gentian, and various orchids. This species diversity exists because of the presence of a wide range of habitats in a limited space – one of the characteristics of this floodplain.

An interactive exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time and natural heritage, while the adventure trail gives them a glimpse of the heart of the alluvial forest. The centre also offers guided tours and events.

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