Thurauen nature center

The Thurauen floodplain, located between Eggrank and mouth of the River Thur, is the largest floodplain in central Switzerland. But it’s not size alone that makes this a unique area, instead the diverse flora and fauna and revitalization in addition.

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Around 50 species of both butterflies and birds live on the Thurauen floodplain, which in addition is the main spawning ground of the European tree frog and agile Rana Dalmatina frog. Several beaver families thrive here as well.

Remarkable plants found here include gracious silver willows and a variety of orchids and fringed gentians that catch the eye. The richness of species is owing to a broad range of habitats on limited space - a typical characteristic of riverside floodplains.

An interactive exhibition takes visitors on a journey through time and habitat. Learn about the heart of the riparian forest while on the adventure trail. This offer is complemented by guided tours and events.

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